About Agency Master Academy

How It All Started..

From The Desktop Of: Jeff Baxter

Location: Texas


Ding dong..

The doorbell rang for the final time as I was in the shower and tried my best to hurry and answer as I had a VERY special package waiting to be delivered that day.

By the time I opened the door, I seen the fedex truck drive off and fortunately a receipt was left stating to pick up my package at the local post office. Filled with excitement, I quickly grabbed the keys to my 1998 Toyota Corolla and headed out.

“What can we do for you?” said the middle aged Caucasian man that was working in what seemed like one of the most gloomy post offices that I walked into in my entire 15 years of being on

earth. I’m not sure if it was the poor lighting or the atrocious smell that gave me a weird feeling, but let’s just say it wasn’t the best environment for my precious package to be in.

“Yes, I just missed a delivery for Jeff Baxter and here’s the receipt” was my response to him. He went to the back and as he brought my package upfront, I heard something that was like music to my ears..

“chirp..chirp..chirp” was the sound that came from the box that was handed to me which seemed like it weighed only a pound. Inside, there was 50 freshly born baby chickens that I ordered from a catalog that was given to me by a neighbor. I was always fascinated with animals and decided that I would give “raising chickens” a go for the first time.

Looks Like We Have A Guest..

Within my batch of new chickens there was about 5 roosters (males) to the 45 hens (females). I can remember like it was yesterday, being nearly 100 degrees outside, I went to go check up on the crew which was about 7 months old now and graduated from being inside a small room in the house to having their very own habitation outside. As I went to make sure that they had water, I seen something out of the corner of my eye inside one of the chicken coops and turned out it was a SNAKE!

I immediately went to go and grab my .410 shotgun and by the time I returned he was gone!

I set out on a hunt.

I began to turn over every single board that was around the chicken pen and still no sign of him.

I circled around to the back of the pen where there was some 2×4’s which he could have slid under.

For some strange reason I felt like this was where he was hiding, so I made sure to be extremely careful and began to toss each board one by one.

As I got to the last board, I made sure my gun was ready and quickly moved it. BOOM! There he was, about 6 feet worth of snake curled up allowing me to get a perfect shot off.

After I made the kill, I noticed that the snake had a HUUGE lump towards his mid-section once I stretched him out. It looked like he swallowed a ball, but of course being green when it came to dealing with chickens I had no clue what I was about to witness.

I decided to cut this particular section open on the snake and lo and behold there was a perfectly rounded brown egg inside!

As far as I was concerned, it had not been cracked or contaminated so I washed it off to eat later on.

I mean c’mon ! No need to waste food even if it’s been inside the belly of a snake!

This Is How It All Started

Although I had just faced a pretty intense situation, I was super excited to know that my chickens started to lay eggs!

Primarily, it wasn’t even about trying to sell the eggs.

I just enjoyed eating something organic for the first time in my life.

I enjoyed going out to the chicken pen everyday to see how many eggs I could get. Oh and for my little “visitors” who liked to borrow what was mine, I decided to plant some golf balls around the chicken pen and let’s just say I never had a problem since.

With nearly 45 hens, I was getting a TON of eggs every single day and it was just way too much for myself and my family to consume so I decided to sell.

I did my research online and found out that I could sell organic eggs for up to $5 per dozen so that’s what I did.

People bought.

They didn’t care about the price.

They liked the taste of organic eggs that came from the hot gluteus maximus of a chicken that freely roamed and ate grasshoppers.
I sold out every single week and even started to buy eggs from another person who had free range chickens as well then turned around and sold for a higher price to keep up with demand.

I was a hustler.

I ordered more and more chickens until we couldn’t house anymore and it was at this time that the “entrepreneurial bug” was installed.

I enjoyed making people happy with my products.

I enjoyed making money with an honest gig that actually made people more healthy.

I Lost Interest In The Chicken Business But The Entrepreneurship Remained.

As I got older, I was no longer interested in selling eggs so my flock grew smaller and smaller as it was extremely difficult to keep chickens with coyotes around and of course with the extreme weather conditions in the summer.

I no longer replenished the flock with new chickens so eventually all had died out as years went on.

I was still an entrepreneur inside as I did everything from learning the skill of “cutting hair” and becoming one of the top barbers in my school to doing other gigs that resulted in me creating my own economy.

Long story short, as time went on, I stumbled upon “advertising” and learned the art of media buying.

Eventually I got really good at it, companies started hiring me to run ads for their business and eventually I became one of the most sough after media buyers in the world.

From there, Agency Master Academy was born which is where I share my skillsets with others and those who are also interested in starting their own social media marketing agency.